Can you give safe harbor to the pet of a domestic violence survivor?

Shelter Our Pets provides a specialized service, offering loving care and shelter to pets of abuse victims, either with a foster family or at an area kennel, until they can be reunited with their owners.

Shelter Our Pets is seeking foster services through shelters, rescue groups, kennels, pet sitters and individuals.  Your contact information and the location of the pet(s) is kept strictly confidential.  Shelter Our Pets will provide supplies and cover costs for any necessary medical care.  You will get full 24/7 support from Shelter Our Pets volunteers during your foster experience.

We need:

  • 24-48 hour emergency housing for non-vaccinated pets.
  • Temporary in-home, kennel and shelter fostering for up to three months.
  • Experienced handlers and dog trainers for transport and training.


You are ready to foster if…

  • You are ready to make a time commitment to each foster pet

  • Pets are up-to-date on vaccinations

  • Pets have been spayed/neutered

  • You have adequate space (crates are highly recommended, but we can provide)

  • You agree to keep your foster animals as indoor pets

  • Your willing to foster for three months

Here is how foster care works: 

  1. Shelter Our Pets receives a pet in need from a shelter, Animal Control Officer or owner.

  2. Partnering organizations and individual foster homes are called.  If we contact you to foster an animal and you cannot do it for any reason, we will find another foster home and call you the next time.

  3. The pet is transported to the facility or foster home and lives there until they are returned to the owner by a Shelter Our Pets volunteer.

  4. The location of the pet and foster organization or family is kept strictly confidential.  However, the owner can receive updates and photos that you provide.

  5. The average foster period is 2 weeks to three months.

To apply, complete our online foster application. You can also email us at