“Shelter our pets is AMAZING. They helped me out in ONE day when I needed help with my two French bulldogs. They came an hour away to pick them up. They were so nice. My dogs went together to the same home. I received pictures of them every time I asked so quickly. The foster bought my dogs food toys a bed new leashes treats took them to the vet. Gidget is amazing she is so sweet and will be a listening ear to talk about your problems and really cares for you and the pets. It’s amazing how they put so much time and heart into fostering temporary when 99.9 of rescues don’t do that. I would recommend this rescue to ANYONE. Best. One. Ever.”

Help Prevent Animal Cruelty in Domestic Violence!

Everyday family pets are caught in the cycle of domestic abuse.

Shelter Our Pets will offer them a safe harbor.

Shelter Our Pets, is a new New Jersey nonprofit with the mission of providing temporary shelter to the pets of victims of domestic violence while they flee their abusive situations.  Our unique organization provides a specialized service, offering safe and loving care and shelter to pets of abuse victims, either with a foster family or at an area kennel, until they can be reunited with their owners.

We are asking for your support.  Just $10, $20, $50 or more will help us protect animals who may be subject to abuse, who are being threatened of being abused or simply cannot stay with the owner in temporary housing as they rebuild their lives.

Your donation will go directly toward Shelter Our Pets’ start-up costs, including funds for insurance, pet medical care, supplies, food and kenneling.

Donate online through Paypal or send us a check by mail to:  
Shelter Our Pets,
P.O. Box 564
Monvale, NJ 07645