Shelter Our Pets Holiday Craft Fair Artisan Mitch Nottingham

Welcome to our Holiday Bazaar Mitch Nottingham and RMN Handmade Paint Brushes! These unique one-of-a-kind handcrafted brushes can not only be used for painting, but are each unique works of art and make beautiful displays in your home decor.

Artisan Mitch Nottingham writes:

In addition to being a carpenter and tile man, I am a fisherman who ties his own flies. My wife is a potter who loves to have new brushes and can’t seem to control herself in the brush aisle of any art store. I looked at those brushes. They’re pretty much very large flies, so I started to make them for her pottery work. I made a few as thank you gifts for the folks who let me into their garden for bamboo for handles, have the mane from their horses, and take the tails from their deer. Then her friends found out where she was getting her brushes. Now I make them for craft shows.