Shelter Our Pets Program a Life Saver

Earlier this year, Shelter Our Pets helped care for the pet of a domestic abuse victim. Thanks to wonderful foster families, this sweet and jovial fella got tons of love and care and was returned to his owner a few months later. We just got this thankful note from the owner, with permission to share it along with some photos.

The snow didn't stop this guy from playing fetch with his foster family!
The snow didn’t stop this guy from playing fetch with his foster family!

“The shelter our pets program was a life saver for me and my dog. They helped us get through some rough times, though it was hard to part with him for a time being. When he was returned to me, I think our bond got even stronger. The associates that work and volunteer for the program they made it an fairly simple easy process. As well as keeping me up to date throughout the time I was in the program. If it wasn’t for them and their caring personality, I probably wouldn’t still have my dog now.  Thank you, Shelter Our Pets program!!!!”

Reunion day.  Waiting to go home.
Reunion day. Waiting to go home.

If you believe in our mission to keep abuse victims and their beloved animals together, support us now by making a donation to our program.  Your contribution will go directly toward our foster program providing food, medical care, equipment and supplies for the pets of abuse victims.  Help us protect them by giving today!