Leslie Orton


Hello my name is Leslie Orton, I am a divorced mother of three grown sons and one adorable grandson.  My oldest two sons live in NJ and my youngest son is a Captain in the US Army, stationed in Alaska.  I became a certified dog trainer in 2009 and I became actively involved in dog rescue in 2010 with the rescue of a deaf dog, we named Walker.  After that I have fostered many Border Collies and Australian Shepherds who were deaf and/or blind due to bad breeders.  I lost my deaf and blind Australian Shepherd, Kelso, in 2019.  I was a dog trainer at Petco for several years and had a small business in dog sitting and dog walking from 2010 to 2013.   I have also had a career in Human Resources as well as Internal Auditing.   I am looking forward to working with SOP as Treasurer to help those who are in need of our services.