Patty Mauro


Patty Mauro is a Team Leader of the Bergen County Animal Response Team and a HUGE animal lover for her entire life.  She never thought her enduring love for animals would lead her down the path to help animals in Domestic Violence, but so glad it did.  Patty has been volunteering with Shelter Our Pets for several years.

Patty feels this opportunity has been completely rewarding as well as heart wrenching.  Patty says, “its heart wrenching when you see how emotionally stressed these animals are or the physical abuse these animals endured when they enter our program, but so heartwarming when they go through the healing process in foster care and then reunited with their owner.”  “The transformation from being emotionally stressed or physically abused to a happy, tail wagging, smiling loved animal when they are reunited with their owner is truly rewarding.”