Thank You for Keeping My Pet Safe

A thankful message from one of Shelter Our Pet’s clients.

I was very stressed out and worried wondering were my cat would end up hoping she would be in a good home if I couldn’t keep her, because of my situation of being homeless.  Shelter Our Pets made it possible to keep my cat until I got back on my feet. Shelter Our Pets kept me updated every week with information about my cat which made me feel happy to know she was safe and that one day I would see her again.

Now that I have gotten back on my feet and reunited with my cat I couldn’t be happier. She’s my companion. She’s very healthy and playful.

Thank you for keeping my pet safe. Thank you for caring and thank you for existing.

God bless.

Here is a photo of a few of our board members and all the donations the survivor received to help care for her pet.