Shelter Our Pets Seeks Foster Program Directors

Shelter Our Pets Fosters Pets of Domestic Abuse VictimsAt Shelter Our Pets we respond to emergency help requests coming in from throughout New Jersey and beyond.  Our goal is to have a several Foster Program Directors to share responsibilities when we get a call for pet help.  If you are interested in this incredibly fulfilling volunteer position, please drop us an email at


Duties are to oversee and coordinate all work done by the foster care program.  Maintains master database records for all active foster applicants.  Executes all other foster roles as needed.  Keeps Board of Directors and Foster Chair informed on key decisions.

Recruits, interviews and prepares fosters to take a pet.  Completes evaluation on background  and veterinarian referrals. .  Sets up home interview for each foster and conducts interview.

Maintains master database of fosters.  Communicates regularly with foster families who are not currently fostering a pet.

Performs a variety of duties to assist with the intake process for pets of domestic violence victims entering the Shelter Our Pets program.  Duties range from assisting a client with intake paperwork, reviewing completed pet intake forms, transporting animals to a veterinarian, evaluating behavior of canines and felines, transporting animals to fosters,    getting them set-up in the foster home, and offering basic pet care and handling instructions to the foster family.  Communicates directly with the caseworker overseeing the case, and keeps the Foster Chair updated on the case.

Matches client’s pet(s) to appropriate foster.  Coordinates getting pet, trainer and foster together.   Coordinates transport of animal.  May involve doing actual transport, temperament test/evaluation.  Coordinates grooming and medical visits.  Makes follow-up phone calls as outlined in program.

Essential Job Functions

  • Oversee the foster program and direct a team to respond during emergency calls
  • Organize and manage foster program and attend monthly Board of Directors meetings
  • Work to strengthen program and grow foster network
  • Work hands on in emergency calls
  • Monitor active foster cases and ensure all foster needs are being met
  • Monthly progress reports to the board on the program growth and succes

Knowledge, Abilities and Skills

  • Evaluate and temperament test animal (canines) at time of intake.  
  • Preliminary examination and determination of animal’s overall health and disposition.
  • Assist client in completing intake paperwork.
  • Transport animal to veterinarian and supervise visit.
  • Transport animal to foster home and help integrate into the home, including all introductions between resident pets and children to foster animal.
  • Transport animal to client for discharge or visitation.  
  • Assist client in completing discharge paperwork.
  • The basic methods and procedures of kennel and crate cleaning.
  • The basic methods and laws for safe animal transport.

Ability to–

  • Deal courteously and calmly with the client.  Must be nonjudgemental.
  • Transmit information promptly and clearly to Board of Directors, foster program volunteers and caseworker.
  • Handle animals safely and effectively, including canines, felines, aviary and other small domestic animals.
  • Adhere to strict confidentiality policy.

Training and/or Education


  • High school diploma or GED.


Must have one or more of the following:

  • Two years of experience working in an animal shelter, kennel or boarding facility or with an animal welfare or rescue group.
  • Certified Animal Control Officer.
  • Animal trainer or behaviorist, or classes in animal training and behavior modification.
  • Veterinary background.



  • Experience working with animals AND people in stressful situations.


Licenses or Certificates


  • Valid driver’s license, registration and insurance
  • Functional car equipped for animal transport
  • Self-insured liability policy to handle animals as pet sitter, dog walker or other



  • American Red Cross Pet First Aid
  • Animal Control OfficeR
  • CART
  • Dog Trainer
  • Vet Tech


To apply, submit resume, cover letter and references to